Phillips Collection’s Amber Onyx Bowls are naturally occurring, one-of-a-kind pieces of hand-carved art that were sourced from deep below the surface of the planet. The earthbound hue of these gorgeous tabletop accessories range between brown and amber shades. Beautiful natural banding patterns display splashes of color, creating a truly dazzling effect that will bring out the potential within your space. The result is a stunning blend of tones that remind us nothing can match the level of detail and craftsmanship inherent in everything created by the invisible hand of Mother Nature.
This item is made from natural stone. Holes and cracks may be present and will vary from piece to piece. Style and color may also have slight variations. Please note this item is not a one-of-a-kind item. You will receive a similar piece in our selection. If you would like to choose your item in our current selection, please contact our customer representative team.
Material Onyx
Size 8x5x3"H / (12x9x6"H packed)
Weight 2 Lbs / (6 Lbs packed)
Finish Natural