When you hear the word “coastal”, what comes to mind? White sand beaches? The cool breeze flowing over an open sea? 

Whether you live near the beach or in a bustling city, bring your love for the ocean and beach to your home with a modern coastal design! If you’re not quite sure about the best way to incorporate those relaxing, airy, fresh, and simplistic vibes into your modern home, read on for the best tips on doing so.

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What is Modern Coastal Design?

One thing that almost all modern coastal living rooms have is their beach-ready vibes that create a natural yet inviting atmosphere. Costal living room furniture typically gives off an airy and fresh feel – while modern furniture design tends to add in classic style to the mix by offering a minimalistic approach.

There are so many options when bringing your design theme to life, especially when combining the elements you love from the costal and modern designs into one gorgeous infusion. 

Elements of a Costal Living Room

coastal living room

Color Pallette

Costal living rooms typically have a natural color palette, similar to a modern design. Look for soft ivory colors and neutral sands, while adding in occasional pops of blue. 

These clean and crisp colors tend to welcome natural light – and the blues make the ocean vibes stand out.

Fabrics and Materials

Costal design favors furniture with natural materials and fibers, including: 

  • Linen
  • Wood
  • Wicker
  • Soft canvas
  • Cotton


As mentioned, costal style is all about bringing the inviting and open feel of the beach and ocean to your living room. Your living room should have a casual feel, with lots of seating options that make comfortable living a priority.

Elements of a Modern Living Room

modern living room

Color Palette

Modern design is all about simplistic and minimalistic décor – so a neutral color palette works best in every modern living room. Modern livings rooms typically have one item that becomes the focus point of the room, and that stands out from the rest – which could be anything from a bright colored item to a piece of artwork.

Fabrics and Materials

Modern designs tend to avoid wood décor, and incorporates modern furniture pieces that are sleek, clean, and eye-catching. 


The simplistic characteristic of modern design calls for an open floor plan with a spacious feel. All pieces of furniture are focused on maximizing the space available to create a more open and cleaner feel to your space. 

Bringing Your Modern Costal Living Room to Life

finished modern coastal living room design

The goal of both coastal and modern living rooms is to bring an open and spacious feel to your home – and they can be easily combined to create a sleek yet comfortable space. Here are some ways you can bring your vision to life:

1. Stick to a neutral color palette.

Neutral tones like clean ivory and sand work great for modern costal designs and allow natural light to be a huge contributing factor. 

2. Choose styles that prioritize comfort and minimalism.

Your furniture should emphasize comfort to bring the inviting feel of a costal room. Choose pieces that fit the theme – and that include a sleek and minimalistic feel of modern coastal furniture, such as:

3. Find a coastal-themed focus point.

 Modern design typically has one item that stands out from the rest and serves as the focal point for the rest of the room. This can include a colorful accent chair (choose a shade of blue to go with the theme) or even a large piece of artwork. 

Combine modern and coastal design by choosing a focal point that is related to the beach and ocean! Avoid cheesy or cliché items, like a giant ship or anchor. Instead, find more contemporary items - such as this 45.5”x 6.75” wall art or a smaller, beachy shadow box.

4. Add in accent pieces.

Don’t forget to include a combination of modern and coastal accent items! This can include:

  • A natural-colored plush area rug
  • Lightweight window treatments to add to the breezy atmosphere
  • Touches of coastal and modern artwork in your bookcases
  • A combination of neutral and blue accent pillows
  • A woven hanging light

Combining a minimalistic yet relaxing and breezy living room is possible by incorporating a modern coastal design - and Fig & Birch Interiors can help bring your vision to life with high quality coastal modern furniture in Scottsdale.  Check out our collections for some more inspiration!