Do you want to change things up in your dining room? Your dining table is at the front and center, so you better start there. Fortunately, we can help you with that! In fact, you should check the top five picks of our ultimate dining table selections below.

Ultimate Dining Table Selections

1. Carrera Dining Table

Our first pick is the Carrera Dining Table, and you can probably see why: it has a clean and cool modern look with a solid feel. It's also a style clash that blends perfectly.

The white Italian marble brings that modern look you want, while the wooden legs give a classic twist to the combination. Does it get any better than that? Probably not - but we have a few more tables to put that to the test!

2. Adler Extension Dining Table

Are you looking for something simple yet sophisticated? Our Adler Extension Dining Table will be a fantastic fit for your dining room. The very first thing that'll catch your eyes is its sober aesthetic - but there's a trick under its sleeve: this extension table will adapt to any situation thanks to its removable extension leaves. This table is perfect whether you're planning to have an intimate reunion or a big party!

3. Bastille Rectangle Dining Table

This table made with natural wood carries a classic look and is large enough to hold a feast with a fair number of people. Make sure you serve great food - because most people will talk about the fantastic wood finish of your new dining table. Few classic pieces of furniture will catch the attention of your guests like this table will.

4. Carnegie Round Dining Table

Rectangles may not be the right shape for you. You may be looking for a more classic design - and we have the perfect piece of furniture for you! Our Carnegie Round Dining Table is the best option for those who are looking for a sober and solid table for their dining room. What's the best part about this table? You can combine it with almost any style of chair you can think of!

Ultimate Dining Table Selections

5. Hancock Dining Table

Are you looking for a more bold and perhaps artsy table? Our Hancock Dining Table checks every box - and it will have your diner guests talking about it all night long. First, they will look at the many shapes your table comes with, and then, they'll be amazed at the magnificent mahogany finish your new dining table has.