Are you looking for the perfect dining room table for you and your family? Choosing the perfect one is crucial to create a good environment in one of the most active areas of your home.

The dining room is one of those spaces that need to get the attention it deserves. Lunch and dinner are the times when the family is together for a while, communicating and sharing their days, so you have to make sure they are comfortable and with the right measures, so it will be used.

We are going to tell you the most important things to keep in mind while choosing your future dining room table. Ready?


Is one of the first things that comes to our minds. Crystal? Wood? Metal? It has to fit your decor and be resistant and comfortable at the same time, so it is a key factor when it comes to choosing the table.

If you are going to use it daily, we recommend a wood table, as it can handle more movement than other materials like crystal, especially if you have kids in the house. Some great options can be the Brooklyn, the Oxford, or the Bradley.

If you are not going to use it that much, or your kids are already grown up, you can choose a crystal table instead like the Fridika, the Cleo, or the Robert.

Dining Room Table

Shape and size

It is going to depend on how much available space you have, and how many of you usually use the table. It is essential that all of you have enough space to eat comfortably, as you are going to have to use it every day. Also, if you frequently receive many guests, you might want to consider a bigger size.

Rectangular tables are the most common ones, as they adjust to big families. Some models like the Victory, the Hyde Park, or the Nicholson, are perfect for families with a lot of members.

If you want a more intimate and fancy space, the circular tables are awesome for you. The Mina, the Galaxy, or the Industry are stunning and very versatile models, that will fit almost any decoration.


Of course, your own taste and vibes are crucial when you need to make a decision. If you are into a classy, elegant style, the Lucy would look breathtaking with the rest of your decoration; For a modern touch, choose the Arden; and if you are into unique, original pieces, the Spider is your table.