When it comes to updating your bathroom, refreshing it doesn't have to be a huge makeover. In fact, there are many small changes you can make to give the room new life. These are a few simple updates to consider making.

5 Ways To Instantly Refresh Your Bathroom's Look

  1. Update the Rugs

New bath mats are a great and simple way to get in some new texture and color. If you have a larger bathroom, consider adding a runner rug. These can be simple or even vintage rugs. A good rug will add a splash of color and can be changed out as often as you want a new and fresh look.

  1. Add in Art

Artwork doesn't just have to be for the living room. Even a small bathroom can benefit from a personal touch. Add a unique piece of wall art that fits the space well and will update it. From tactile pieces to abstract prints, this is a personal touch that you'll be sure to enjoy.

  1. Upgrade the Towels

If you're using towels that have been in the bathroom for years, then it may be time for a refresh. Changing out your towels is a simple update but one that can be used to add a splash of color or elegance to the bathroom. Use the old towels for dusting cloths or donate them.

  1. Add in Scent and Texture

Adding a simple diffuser to the bathroom won't change the appearance but will add a scent which will make the bathroom a relaxing and rejuvenating place. Lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary are all popular options for bathrooms. Candles can also be used in a functional and decorative way. If you want to add in some texture, consider a small plant in the bathroom. It will help to purify the air and also add in a nice texture.

5 Ways To Instantly Refresh Your Bathroom's Look

  1. Organize the Space

A cluttered bathroom may look old and tired even when it's not. Use trays or plates to store commonly used items. Consider bathroom accessories such as rattan and wooden baskets to store towels and other supplies. Keep any rarely used items out of the counters to avoid a cluttered look.

These ideas are all simple but effective options to add new life to your bathroom and make the space more enjoyable. Since many people find that they spend a fair amount of time in this space, don't you want yours to be relaxing? Upgrade and update yours with just a few simple changes.